Helpful Tips

Parenting – The Art of Being Positive

Rephrasing your directives to your child in a positive way will result in noticeably good behavior. Children hear “No” so often that it seems that after awhile they don’t hear it at all. Practice saying “Yes” to your child instead of “No” and you will get better cooperation – instead of constant opposition and disagreement.

Be creative and find a way to begin your responses with the word “Yes” instead of “No.” Here are a few examples:

“Yes, you can go outside to play after you pick up your clothes off the floor.”

“Yes, you can play with the kitten if you are very gentle.”

“Yes, you can go to the movies with your sister after you and your sister clean your rooms.”

“Yes, you can play video games after you finish your homework.”

“Yes, you can have ice cream or cookies after dinner.”

“Yes, you can stay up until 9 o’clock on Friday and Saturday nights because they are not school nights.”

“Yes, you can use the computer after your chores are finished.”