Grief and Loss

Have you suffered a loss in your life?

Do you find yourself distracted or withdrawn from your family and friends? Are you sleeping too much or maybe not sleeping enough? Do you feel deeply sad or overwhelmed? Are you out of energy or just struggling to get through the day?

Are you ready to ease your pain and get your life back on track? I can help you to get through this difficult time.

I assist people like you work through their loss and get to the other side of grief in a safe, trusting, and confidential setting. First, we work to identify your different feelings and how they affect your thoughts and behaviors. Then we work together to find the most comfortable and helpful grieving process for you. As you probably know, people grieve in many different ways. Through this process, you will learn to move on and enjoy your life again.

I also conduct Grief and Loss Groups especially for children to provide the additional assistance and skills they need to deal with grief. The groups are typically formed according to the child’s age and cause of their loss.

Please call me at 714-745-1535 or email me today to make your appointment.