Child Therapy

Does your child have behavioral problems? Do you find that your child is not following your directives, is talking back, and being defiant? Is he or she having temper tantrums or difficulty at school? Have things become so serious that your child is being verbally or physically aggressive, or even getting into legal trouble?

Or, just as serious, have you noticed that your child is increasingly withdrawn from family and friends? Does your child seem disinterested in things that previously engaged him or her? Has your child become isolated and seemingly unreachable?

Do you feel as if you have tried everything and are reaching the end of your rope? If so, I can help.

I conduct individual and family therapy sessions to address the emotional and behavioral issues of children. In individual counseling sessions with children, I utilize various approaches and techniques based on Cognitive-Behavioral models to assist your child to acquire and master specific skills to improve his or her behavior.

I also hold family therapy sessions to help maximize your positive parenting so that you and your child will experience a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. Please check the Family Therapy page for more information on parenting and family therapy. You can also find some helpful positive parenting tips on my Helpful Tips page.

Please call me at 714-745-1535 or email me today to make your appointment.